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Secondary Operations: Powdered Metal Part Finish & Treatments

Sintered powdered metal parts can be finished or treated to achieve desired characteristics such as corrosion resistance, improved strength and hardness, surface wear resistance, edge-sharpness relief, porosity sealing, and control of size and surface finish.

Metaltech assists the customer in determining the most effective method for post-production finishing. Metaltech has in-house secondary processes, as well as contacts within the industry to enlist the service of subcontractors to produce the desired finished product. Equipment at Metaltech, Inc., includes 3 CNC machining centers, with pallet changers, 2 CNC milling centers, one with a pallet changer, 3 vertical double disc grinders and a variety of other manual production lathes and drilling/tapping machines.





Metaltech, Inc. produces quality powder metal parts and powder metal components.

Metaltech Inc. 3547 Watson Hwy. DuBois, PA 15801 Phone: (814) 375-9399