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Metaltech Inc.  3547 Watson Hwy.  DuBois, PA 15801  Phone: 814.375.9399  E-mail Us


Pressing Capabilities

Metaltech has extensive, multi-motion, multi-level pm molding equipment to achieve the production of simple part designs or intricate assemblies.

Our powder metal pressing capabilities include:

bullet250-ton multi-level press
bullet220-ton multi-level press
bullet150-ton multi-level presses
bullet100-ton multi-level presses
bullet60-ton multi-level presses
bullet30-ton multi-level presses
bulletDual-motion presses ranging in size from 12 to 60 tons
bulletSizing presses ranging from 12 to 75 tons






Metaltech, Inc. produces quality powder metal parts and powder metal components.

Metaltech Inc. 3547 Watson Hwy. DuBois, PA 15801 Phone: (814) 375-9399