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Metal Washers : Conventional Flat Washers & High-Precision Washers

Metaltech, Inc. is a leading powder metal parts manufacturer of metal washers, both conventional flat washers, and high-precision washers. Our custom washers can be manufactured in volumes as low as 1,000 pieces to many millions, with the parts engineered to meet your specific metal washer application, enhancing the performance and durability of your product.

Benefits of using Metaltech powder metal washers, include:

bulletControlled hardness through raw material selection & manufacturing process with potential hardness as high as Rc60
bulletVery close tolerance capabilities for high-precision washers, with tolerances as close as in the tenths of thousandths!
bulletLittle or no flash that occurs from using conventional stamping as the manufacturing method
bulletOutside washer diameters as small as .250” through five inches” (dependent upon inside diameter. Please call to verify)
bulletOverall lengths easily up to several inches - yielding tremendous cost savings over manufacturing from conventional machining

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Metaltech, Inc. produces quality powder metal parts and powder metal components.

Metaltech Inc. • 3547 Watson Hwy. • DuBois, PA 15801 • Phone: (814) 375-9399