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Benefits of Powdered Metal

Powdered metal provides a viable alternative to traditionally machined metal parts and components. Virtually no other manufacturing method matches the major benefits of Metaltech powdered metal:

• Cost Effective

bulletRaw material waste is minimized, dramatically lowering cost.
bulletPowdered metal parts produced are within close tolerances, reducing time spent on secondary operations.

• Part Customization

bulletPowdered metal parts are designed in accordance with each customer’s specifications.
bulletUnique shape or strength requirements are accommodated.

• Order Flexibility

bulletShort- or long-run orders, ranging from 500 piece releases to orders in excess of 1 million pieces, are planned and executed.

For more information on the benefits of powdered metallurgy, go to http://www.mpif.org.



Metaltech, Inc. produces quality powder metal parts and powder metal components.

Metaltech Inc. • 3547 Watson Hwy. • DuBois, PA 15801 • Phone: (814) 375-9399