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Metaltech has expertise in developing tailored powdered metal part solutions for its customers, including multi-part assemblies, which many PM manufacturers do not have experience in producing. There are several advantages to using the PM process, vs. machining processes, for multi-part assemblies including:  less waste, faster turn times, and PM is more cost effective for customers.

 Sample Powder Metal Multi-Part Assembly: Tailgate Pivot

powder metal multi part assemblies steps

All components of the tailgate pivot are molded in single action and multi-level presses. The pivots are assembled prior to the sintering operation with a pill and slug in the inner diameter to form fit the pill in place. After sintering, the pivot is then sent to our internal secondary department to have the outside diameter machined to size. The secondary department also air presses the insert and pins into place. The parts are then sent to an outside facility to be finished with one of many different operations such as resin impregnation, plating, plastic over molding, etc… and then installed into one of several different tailgate assemblies seen in vehicles worldwide.

Please contact us to find out how we can provide a powder metal solution to meet your multi-piece / multi-part requirements.








Metaltech, Inc. produces quality powder metal parts and powder metal components.

Metaltech Inc. • 3547 Watson Hwy. • DuBois, PA 15801 • Phone: (814) 375-9399